Doric Order Characteristics

Doric Order Characteristics

Architectural styles flourished from ages from the very ancient time and Doric Order is considered as the first stone style architecture invented by the ancient Greeks. Before that most of the construction of Greek Architecture was based on wooden materials. This order was the foundation of inventing other orders like the Ionic Order and Corinthian Order. We know in the case of architectural styles nothing vanished, and often improvised and compromise with the newer architectural styles.

Here together we are going to explore some notable characteristics of the Doric Order.

Doric Order Characteristics
Doric Order Characteristics

Characteristics of Doric Order

Base: Doric Order had no base for its column. Instead of the base, the column was constructed directly on the pavement and that was known as the Stylobate.

Use of Fluted Column: The use of fluted columns was very common in the buildings of the Doric Order. That was the reason for the unique calculated and aesthetic design of this order.

Doric Order Characteristics
Doric Order Characteristics

Capital: The capital of the Doric Order was simple. This order used the abacus, necking, and echinus with no decorative form.

Use of Tapered Shaft: Doric Order used the shafts which were wider in the bottom and gradually became narrower towards the top. For this reason, the diameter of the columns also gradually decreases from the bottom to the top.

Use of Entablature: At the top of the column this order used the Entablature which consisted of multiple parts. In this case, also unlike the capital, the entablatures were simple but unique. This was different from the other orders in terms of design and decorative form.

Simple Architrave: Entablature was begun from the Architrave. It was constructed on the top of the capital. Like other components, architraves were also simple in this order.

Use of Cornice: Cornices were built in the upper part of the frieze which supported the ceiling.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the Doric Order was mostly simple in its design and the use of decorative forms. The most interesting fact is that this order was the first building style where the Greeks started using stone in construction and changed the history of design and building.


Md Asaduzzaman Russel

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