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  • * BSDI has a very strong platform named Daffodil.
  • * BSDI has very well skilled and highly educated faculty members and trainers who provide the training so that all trainees could be transformed into genuinely skilled workers
  • * BSDI employment and field service officers will give assistance to get a secure job at the home and abroad.
  • * After the successful completion of the training, the trainees will be provided with the training internship facilities in the related fields, which will help them to increase their skills and also help to get a job at home and abroad
  • * Reasonable and affordable course fees.
  • * BSDI provides international standard hands-on training.
  • * Monitoring, Verification, and Tracking (MVT) of the trainees, after completion of training we will monitor their and social changes.
  • * BSDI will provide the certificates after completion of the training.
  • * BSDI provides a safe study environment.
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