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Brief About BSDI

Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) is a very timely initiative of Daffodil Education Network which has been functioning since 2003 to develop professional Human Resources in different fields of education and training. BSDI has completely changed the traditional concept of polytechnic, technical & professional skill development training institutes in Bangladesh. Today BSDI is very well known institute for Science, Engineering, Arts study and also for professional and leadership development training programs. It is the first and only polytechnic institute of the country which has been awarded internationally. BSDI is also very popular name in Corporate Training Industry which has earned international acknowledgement in a very short time. BSDI has provided corporate training to the human resources of many national and transnational organizations.

BSDI is ensuring knowledge, skill and attitude through Competency Based Training (CBT). Based on world renowned Australian Model, the aim is to ensure that no student will say “I know but I cannot perform” rather they will say, “I know and I can perform!” Since its inception, BSDI is contributing in society through developing trained Diploma Engineers, Corporate Professionals and Skilled Human Resources. Recently BSDI has started to work for creating Entrepreneur. Today, BSDI has become the first highly selective education and training institute in Bangladesh for its restless effort. BSDI instills an intention of learning among its students and empowers them for a lifetime leadership. The objective of the institute is to serve the country by developing the graduates in professional and vocational spectrum; creating visionaries, inventors, entrepreneurs and most importantly the leaders to become a valuable resource for society.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission


We want to contribute to the national economy through• Developing Technically Skilled Human Resources

• Creating Entrepreneurs

• Ensuring competency among every successful student

• Serving the Industries through Developing Human Resources with required skills

• Creating learning opportunities and acquiring values, knowledge, and skills for school leavers, adult learners regular students, and professionals for employability

Our Vision


To be the recognized institute in the national and international arena for contributing in the development of highly-skilled,
employable graduates and to be known as valuable resource for industry and society for developing human resources with required skills.

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