Depression or Stupidity? Think Before You DO

Depression or Stupidity? Think Before You Do

Life is hard to live, but it is harder if you are stupid. Why? There are so many things in your life to do, to entertain yourself, but in spite of those things, if you find your life difficult to live, you are definitely stupid. Yes, there are a lot of ups and downs in our life. But it doesn’t mean that you will lose your heart and give up. Depression may come from various phases. It may come from your family, from your friends, failure, from the person you love, or from inside yourself. 


Suppose you want something from your father or from any of your family members or your family members are dead against of a decision you have made. What do you do? Will you leave your family? Or will you give up on your decision? I will suggest you to think deeply on your decision and then find out some strong logic with which you can convince your family members. Of course they always will wish for your well-being. So, explain your thought and ideas to them as you understand. If you can, they will appreciate you for sure.

Or maybe you have failed in a work and you can’t take your failure so easily. What will you do then? Yes, depression will surround you with all its effort, but you also have to stand against it. Because there is a proverb, “Failure is the pillar of success”.  That means if you fails in a work, it will definitely help you later to be succeed. There is another proverb, “Man learns from mistakes.” That means when you make mistakes, you come to know that you were wrong and you also can know that where your lacking are. Then you can work hard to overcome those lacking. So, never depression let take over you. 

Another thing is failure in love. You go in a relationship and you are being cheated, what will you do then? Will you become depressed or you will start to ruin your life? You are none but a great fool if you do so. Why? A person or a breakup in your love relation can never decide the fall of your life. In that case, what should you do? Before you go for a relationship, make sure that the person before you is the person you actually want. But remember that no one is 100% perfect. Everyone has flaws. Keeping this in mind choose the right person to carry on. Think before you do. 


The result of a public examination is an ideal source of examination. You worked hard, but you did not get what you expected and you get depressed and some people are far better than that and they commit suicide. Seriously? Just a result of an examination can matter to be your dead or alive? Let me share a story of my own. In my higher secondary examination, I made a very poor result and I could not try for admission in most of the public universities. At that time, I should die according to your philosophy. But sorry boss, my way goes otherwise. Yes, people, family members, relatives said so many things. It is hard to bear, but if you can’t you will be stupid. So, then I took an oath that whatever happened has happened, but I will work harder so that it never happens again. Then I got into a university and gave a better effort and then the CGPA of my Grad. And P. Grad is much better than the higher secondary and then people, family, relatives did not remember what I did in the higher secondary exam. So, the cloud is temporary, the sun is waiting to come.


Depression, it comes; people get depressed, but it can never protest you to go forward. When you will get depressed, let yourself take a break to think of things happening around you and happening with you. Judge yourself and your activities. Never let your mind think something wrong. A human mind is like an infant. An infant understands what you tell or teach him/her. In the same way your mind will also understand what you will want it to think. Never do things which can make you depressed. If you get by chance, do what you need to do. But never do something wrong. Keep it in mind that a decision taken during anger or is always wrong. Keep your mind cool and decide. Again, think before you do. 

Peace. . .

Nahid Hasan

 Instructor (English)

 Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

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