Top Design Software for Architecture Students and Professionals

Top Design Software for Architecture Students and Professionals

Technology is advancing every day in every sector and it makes our lifestyle easier and smarter than before. Architecture, its students and professionals are not out of this expansion of technology. Many work converted to the computer system what we did before by hand. Of course hand practice is still important to make the base solid but to save time and to make error free work now we rely on technology. 

In past we drew and designed the whole things whether it is two dimensional or three dimensional by hand. It takes so much time, patients and it is very difficult to get a total error free work. But after the innovation of different types of designing software we are able to do our work more swiftly, easily and mostly we can possibly have a total error free work within the shortest time.

Here I am discussing about some top design software what we use to make our life, the architecture students and professionals life make easier and smarter.

1. AutoCAD: AutoCAD was the single dominating software for two dimensional drawing before we have another this kind of software, Revit. But still AutoCAD holds a large number of user because of its usability and trust. There are many versions of AutoCAD because the mother company Autodesk tries to up to date their product. Autodesk has provide the opportunity to have a free licensed version of AutoCAD for students and teachers. It is great, because if you want a real license version you have to pay for it. Though AutoCAD is manly based on 2D but you can also use the 3D modular here.

2. Revit: Revit is another design software of AutoDesk which can provide both 2D and 3D interface with better usability. Now in many sectors Revit is replacing AutoCAD but it is also true that Revit has to go still a very long way to total replacement of AutoCAD. You can make yours projects, models in Revit and can also render your work to make your work more realistic. It is much easier than AutoCAD to use in 3D interface because you can put walls, beams and other construction elements easily in Revit.

          3. SketchUp: SketchUp is total 3D software but much easy to use than other 3D software. It has effective tool set which can perform many things by using the same tools. SketchUp is owned by Trimble Inc. but now Google is the owner and Google also continuously improving this software. This software is great because if you want a realistic 3D design in shortest time with great details and you have to use SketchUp. You can get both free and paid option to get SketchUp but some features will not work in free version.3.


4. 3D Studio Max: Unlike the AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max is the old dominating player software for 3D. Though 3DRhino is getting the market gradually 3d Studio Max is still dominating for its ability to work with every small details. Yes it is not easy to use like SketchUp but it is more advance than SketchUp in detailing and make things realistic. It is most popular software among the 3D designers like architecture visualization studios, commercial television studios, video game designer and many more. 3d Studio Max is also owned by AutoDesk.

5.V-Ray: V-Ray is not actually a full integrated software, it works with other 3D design software just like add-ons. We use V-Ray for rendering and make details more clear, accurate and realistic. V-Ray is compatible with almost every 3D design software like SketchUp, 3D Studio Max, 3DRhino and so on. You will have a huge array of textures, color sets and other components to make your work just like the real living world. Bulgarian Chaos Group is known as the owner of V-Ray

Above I wrote about the most common essential software for the Architecture students and professionals to start their career in this field. But this is not the end because we have to work with more other design software like Maya, Fusion 360, ArchiCad, Grasshopper, Dynamo, Corel Draw, Photoshop and more according to the need of our work. It is important to have the mindset of adaptability for us. At last I want to say only one thing, we have to bear the growth mindset to progress our life and career.

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