Top Useful Software for Civil Engineering


In today’s world almost everything advancing so fast with the process of
technological adoption and automation. Civil engineering is not different form
other sectors in term of advancing technologically. Now we have seen many use of
advance technologies in this sector both in instruments and software use. Hand
drafting is now become the tool of basic building and the software now take the
place of practical implementation.
Here we are going to learn about some top useful software what is needed to do a
civil engineering job perfectly considering the advancement of the technological
1. AutoCad:
AutoCad is used both by the civil engineers and architects for the purpose of
drafting because hand drafting in practical field is long gone. We can make
planning and construction detail drawings with ease by the use of this
software with minimum error. This software make the working life of civil
engineers and architects smoother than the past.

Structural analysis and structural design is one of the key process of building
the construction project. Structural analysis and design has great impact on a
construction project’s success or failure. ETABS is such an important
software with allows the civil engineers do that important analysis and

design work with the help of its 3d modelling function, linear and nonlinear
process of analytic, 3d visualization, graphic and reports.

STAAD PRO is another dependable software for structural design and
analysis of a construction. This software is used by many professional
widely all over the world. Professionals like to use this software because of
its ability to analysis of timber, steel, aluminum etc. frame which is useful in
constructions like tunnel, bridge, piers and piles like structure.

4. REVIT Structure:
3D modelling is one of the best technique we are using in design and
construction sector. REVIT Structure can build the 3d skeleton or inner
frame of a construction with its amazing 3d function which helps the civil
engineers to better understand the work visually. Moreover this software can
perform planning, construction and infrastructure design and building
management works also.

Today’s world is the world of technology and we are using so many of it every
day. The above listed software are few of the use of technology and there are
many more in the practical field. We use them according to our need, but as a
civil engineering professionals we all should have skill on these listed software.

Md Asaduzzaman Russel
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute
AIDT & Civil Technology

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