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CV or curriculum vitae is an important element for a person to build up his/her career. As it gets that much importance, we must know about the contents of a CV; what should be used and what should be avoided. So, let’s get to know about the contents of a CV.


  • Mailing Address: At the top of the CV, what we should use is the mailing address. Mailing address must be the address where actually presently we live. Together with the mailing address we also should include our active email, phone number, social media platforms link, etc. 

  • Career Objective: This part of the CV holds the vision and future plan of a person in a nutshell. Career objective should be placed just after the mailing address.

  • Educational Background: In this part of the CV, we use our educations. There we should be careful in the usage of the degree: the latest degree come first.

  • Experience: Here we should place our working experience. Here, as like the educational background, the recent job experience comes first. Here we should include the name of the organization, the duration of the job and also the key responsibilities. We should not use all the responsibilities we maintained in a job, rather the focusing responsibilities.

  • Achievements: We may have achieved so many things during our student life and also in a job. These achievements should be included in this section of the CV, but the information must not be descriptive, rather, there will have the brief of the achievements.




  • Extra-curricular Activities: During the student life or in a job, we generally get ourselves involved with different types of extra-curricular activities. All these extra-curricular activities are included here in this section of the CV.




  • Training & Workshops: We generally go through different types of training and workshops. Al these trainings and workshops should be mentioned in this section. It is to be remembered that the description must not take more than 2 tines.




  •  Language Proficiency: Language proficiency is an important content of a CV. There we should portray our proficiency of language/s we know.




  • Software Skills: We often need to work on different types of software. In usage of some software, we become expert. In this section of the CV, we should mention our software skills.




  • Soft Skills: From our long student life and also from life events, we gather so many soft skills. These skills make us more active and professional. Here these skills should be included. Only the title of the skills will appear here.




  • Interests: We may have different types of interests in different things. All these interests need to be brought here. 
  • Personal Details: In this portion of the CV, we need to bring our personal details. Here comes our parental information, mailing and permanent address, date of birth, religion, marital status and so on.




  • Reference: This one is also an important content of a CV. We need to use 02 (two) references here. One is personal contact and another is professional contact. In the reference, we need to use the name, position, organization and contact information of the person we are using as references. 




  • Signature: This is the last and closing part of a CV, where we need to put our signature. There we must use our digital signature.



I hope that this blog will help the readers to choose contents for a CV. In the next blog, we will know about the importance of these contents.



Author Information:

Nahid Hasan

Instructor of English

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

Email: [email protected]


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