Difference between Sketch and Drawing

Difference between Sketch and Drawing

There are so many confusion among the students and professionals also about the differences of sketch and drawing. Are there really any differences between these two? Well, there exits some differences between the sketch and drawing.

Generally all kind of act drawn by hand is drawing and in this sense sketch is also a drawing. Technically in observation and concept these two has some basic differences. Sketch is quicker drawn than the drawing. It has less details and quickly resemble rough ideas. Sometimes sketches is done without any reason like an artist draw something quick with less marks of something or someone inform of him. Yes of course sketch is not always made for no reason. We need sketches to step on the final drawing related job for taking quick measurements, details, information about obstacles and information about the landscape. This happens with the architects or engineering professionals mostly, but for the artist sketching is one of their way to express their observation, mostly in the sketchbook. So we can say that sketch is the primary level drawing for the architects and engineering professionals to progress on to the final project and for the artist this is a way to express their observation skill.


On the other hand in most of the cases drawing resemble a fully completed drawn work with measurement for implementation especially in the architecture and engineering sector. It is considered to be the final work but not necessarily every time. Sometimes drawing can be rough too and doesn’t present something always. It entirely depends on the technique of architects, engineers or artists. Their core concept is the actual base of drawing. Sometimes drawing varied from professionals to professionals for the different types of styles of the professionals. It is very common in drawing to use basic or geometrical shapes of figures what is a bit absent in sketch for its random characteristics.



Md. Asaduzzaman Russel

Junior Instructor

AIDT, Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

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