Cover Letter: Introduction and Importance

Cover Letter: Introduction and Importance

Mr. Sadat, an HR manager of a renowned company. He is selecting some CV for a recruitment. He was selecting some CV and some were throwing to the trash. Suddenly a colleague of Mr. Sadat came into his room. He found that there was an application like something were attached to the selected CVs. On the other hand, the trashed CVs were pretty much good and well qualified for the positions. So the colleague asked Sadat why he was selecting the letter attached CVs only. Sadat asked him a question, “Suppose you are in a super shop. You are buying a soap. There are two categories of soap: one is branded and costly, but does not have any cover and another is cheap, but has a cover. Now, which one will you buy?” The colleague instantly replied, “Obviously I will buy the one with cover.” Then Sadat told his colleague, “This is why I am selecting the letter attached CVs and the letter is known as Cover Letter. He again said that a CV without a cover letter seems incomplete.”

This name Cover Letter is not a very familiar to us, but it is very important part of a CV.  A CV I general represents an applicant and a cover letter reflects the CV and the applicant in a nutshell. Generally, when a vacancy announcement is announced, the HR office of the company gets a huge response. As a result, the HR office cannot manage that huge time to go through the CVs in details. As a cover letter works as a cover of a CV, the HR office just reads the cover letter and select the CV for the next step. So, a cover letter is pretty much important.

As in the story above we saw Sadat explaining that no one wants to buy a product without a cover, (it doesn’t matter if the product is of a very good quality or not) in the same way often a recruiter does not show interest  to the CV without a cover letter. As a result, in the selection of a CV, a cover letter plays an important role.


Now we have introduced to the cover letter and we also know the importance of a cover letter. In the next part of this article, we will know about writing a standard cover letter.



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Nahid Hasan

Instructor, Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

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