Why Should You Study Architecture and Interior Design?

Why Should You Study Architecture and Interior Design?

Architecture! A very old but ever changing and always updated sector among all the professions. It is not only a profession but also a passion for a human. Architecture always adapted with the time, gave us many majors like Urban Planning and Landscape Design. Interior Design is also a part of Architecture and now in today’s world we found another adoption of Architecture for the need of era and that is Architecture and Interior Design. For short understanding it is Architecture with the major subject of Interior Design.

Let’s come to the point. Why should you study Architecture and Interior Design? Digging deep with me and I will try to give you some reasons to study Architecture and Interior Design.

  • Become an Architect:

If you want to be an Architect and want to establish your careen in this sector then Architecture and Interior Design is one of the best choice for you. Here you can learn about all the elements of Architecture and can study over only Architecture in your future study. The benefited part is because of the major of Interior design, this subject opens a new door to you also and that is become an Interior Designer.

  • Excellent Problem Solver:

Architects and Interior Designers are great problem solver. They studied to measure and calculate the data and information, they studied the ways to find out the solvency from the problems. That is why the Architects and Interior Designer become excellent problem solver and this potentiality helps them in every aspects of their life whatever it is professional or personal.


  • Traveling the World:

If travel is in your blood then Architecture and Interior Design is the perfect option to study for you. You have to travel a lot to in home and abroad to learn about Architecture and Interior Design. Architecture has very ancient origin, it has developed so many styles all around the world like Roman Architecture, Greek Architecture and Inka Architecture. Beside this Architecture and Interior Design has a wide arena of working places all over the world and you can travel swiftly for your professional purpose also.


  • Enjoy Making Things:

Architects and Interior Designer always tries to do something new something different from the existing. This habit comes from their institution study. They always do different projects, brainstorms, gathering ideas and implement them by making handmade projects or model or software base projects. They loved it and you also have the happiness of making new things and generate new ideas here.


  • Create Friends and Meet New Peoples:

It is natural for the Architects and Interior Designers to travel new places for study purpose and for professional purpose. New place means new people and new friends. This give the Architects and Interior Designers a privilege to have contact with different professionals which can be handy for their own study and professions in different aspects.

  • Discover Own Capability:

The study of Architecture and Interior Design helps one to discover his or her own capability. They solve so many problems to raise their personal growth. This study tests their limits and helps them to reach beyond their capability by building new skills and new thinking.

  • Figure out Your Sector:

It is true that Architecture and Interior Design is not all filed. If you study in this subject the process of studying and progress can also help one to find out his or her appropriate sector, may be that can be Graphic Design, programming or other engineering subjects. Architecture and Interior Design is all about discovering own interest and ability.

  • Enjoying the Life:

The Architects and Interior Designer travels different places, meets new people, creates new friends, discovers new trends and culture, works in challenging situations with tight timeline and they challenge themselves to overcome their limits. Their life is not boring because of the intense will to make to find something new something stuck the world in wonder.

  • Change the Course of Life:

Obviously Architects and Interior Designers have a different lifestyle from the other. This lifestyle is for fun, excitement, building something new for the betterment of the society, civilization and world. This process starts from the studying level. Studying in Architecture and Interior Design helps you to adopt with this lifestyle by creating necessary skills inside you.


  • Think Out of the Box:

Architects and Interior Designers are creative, they like to generate and implement new ideas. For that they tries to think out the regular thinking. They practice this procedure from their study life and gradually they become master. This process helps them to generate new ideas and also to solve the problems what they face in their study and professional life.




  • Enormous Career:

I discuss before Architecture is a very ancient major with many properties. You can establish your career as an Architect, an Interior Designer, a Urban Planner, a Landscape Designer, a Project Manager, a Naval Architect, an Animator, can do jobs in Architecture and Interior Firms, can be an entrepreneur by starting your own firm, can design Aircrafts or Auto-mobiles, can be the Lead Architect or Production Architect of a large firm, can be the Principal investor of a firm, a Contact Administrator, Specification Writer or a Sole Practitioner or a Freelancer. You see there are enormous professions for Architecture and Interior Design to build one career and here I mentioned only few of them.

Architecture and Interior Design is creative, joyous and always lively. If you like to make new things, want to explore the world and make your life meaningful to contribute to the society, country and world then Architecture and Interior Design can be the worth subject for you to study and to change the course of your life.


Md Asaduzzaman Russel

Junior Instructor
Architecture and Interior Design Technology

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