Industrial Architecture and It’s Key Elements

Industrial Architecture and It’s Key Elements


Industrial Architecture is the combination of different types of design, style and building type that is found around the world in industrial building construction. Many types of buildings like warehouses, refineries, factories, grain silos, steel mills, breweries, foundries, distilleries, water tower and more are include in design of Industrial Architecture. For the Industrial Architecture design we have to consider the industry type, equipment, specialized sections, power generation, work process, manufacture process and the safety of the worker. Generally these industrial constructions are huge and have to adopt and mix different design style to do the perfect design.

Short History

With the proper design in 1700’s century industrial building started to build as well as the run of Industrial Architecture begun. Specially in Great Britain this style flourished massively from 1760 to 1830 when their Industrial Revolution was happening. After that from the late 19th to 20th century Industrial Architecture spread in different parts of the world by the colonization of Britain.

Industrial Architecture speeded up the process of industrial process and manufacturing process along with the safety of the worker and that is why this style became popular and appreciated in different parts of the world. Now a days Industrial Architecture is practiced almost every country who are heavily dependent on industrial growth or trying to increase and speed up their economy by industrialization.

Key Elements

Industrial Architecture adopts and mix many forms from different architectural styles, although we can see some common feature among the industry design. Some of them are –

  • Raw construction material uses like metal, brick and concrete.
  • Higher ceiling height than residential and commercial building.
  • Design and different function combination from different architectural style.
  • Open plan for the main work space.
  • Absence or very fee ornamental element.
  • Heavy finishes for the use of long run.
  • Use of large opening (Window, door etc.)
  • Extended use of piping system, duct system, hollow and exposed bricks.

Industrial Architecture ensure the production growth with the safety of workers through a proper designing way and that is why countries implementing this style to build up their industries to maximize the benefits and reduces the risks.



Md Asaduzzaman Russel

Jr. Instructor

Architecture and Interior Design Technology

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute


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