BSDI is conducting RPL-based Cooking (Level-3) Assessment test

The Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) is conducting a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)-based Cooking (Level-3) Assessment test under the National Skills Development Authority (NSDA). This test will allow participants to earn a certificate in Cooking (Level-3) based on their prior experience.

RPL is a process through which an individual can gain recognition for their prior experience as equivalent to an educational qualification. This process plays an important role in skills development and employment creation.

In BSDI’s Assessment test, participants will be tested on their knowledge and skills in various topics of Cooking (Level-3). Those who pass the test will receive a Cooking (Level-3) certificate from NSDA. This certificate will be considered an important qualification in their job search.

This initiative by BSDI is an important step towards skills development and employment creation. Through this initiative, unemployed individuals and those interested in self-employment will have the opportunity to gain skills based on their prior experience.

Best of luck to all participants

We wish all participants in BSDI’s Cooking (Level-3) Assessment test the best of luck. We hope that you will all pass the test and gain recognition for your prior experience.

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