Sustainable Architecture: Design to Preserve Environment


Sustainable Architecture is the way of design which has very low negative impact on the surrounding environment. Often we design and build many construction without considering the environmental factors and objects. For this reason sometimes intentionally or sometimes unintentionally we are destroying our own natural environment. This is not good at all for ourselves and for our future.

Realizing the fact architects tried to develop a way which is not going to harm the environment, attest the tried to lower the negative impact on the environment. Thus the architects started to work on an eco-friendly design process with minimum impact on the environment and that is the Sustainable Architecture in terms.

Now a days Sustainable Architecture become one of the most common and important part of Contemporary Architecture practice. International design policy organization like LEED and BREEAM setup some guideline for practicing the Sustainable Architecture. Here are some characteristics of Sustainable Architecture:

  • Designs main focus will be on the minimum negative impact on environment.
  • Have to try to increase the use of eco-friendly renewable energy consumption instead of wasteful energy consumption.
  • Try to setup renewable energy production which is need for the total building energy consumption.
  • Installing environment friendly water management system like the greywater recycling and using the rainwater.
  • Plant trees in a decorative way in the outside area of the building, make green roof by using small trees and decorative plants, and making green wall with live construction material friendly plants or by construct the wall suitable for plant setup.
  • Adopting the design with the surrounding landscape of the building.
  • Renewable materials like flax, bamboo, soy, cork and hemp can be used if suitable.
  • Using sustainable materials like hempcrete which is made from lime, hemp and water instead of regular material like concrete.
  • Increasing the use of recyclable materials.

Sustainable Architecture practice is increasing day by day in whole over the world to lower the impact on environment what was ignored in past to resolve the wound of environment. This practice is a great way not only for preserving our environment but also creating something eye catching, something very beautiful.



Md Asaduzzaman Russel

Jr. Instructor

Architecture and Interior Design Technology

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute



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