What is Contemporary Architecture?

What is Contemporary Architecture?

Well the term Contemporary Architecture still is not clear in definition though it has a very wide use among the modern building styles both on exterior and interior. Surprisingly it is not the same in use in all the structures. It has a few different characteristics like the adoption and always changing. Mainly for these two reasons it is hard to give Contemporary Architecture a definition. But it is also true Contemporary Architecture is not from aliens, it is understandable. 

Contemporary Architecture is the latest form of Modern Architecture that we are following now. Many famous modern architects like Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, Frank Gehry, Shigeru Ban and many more used or still use this style for their creation.

Contemporary buildings are unique for some architectural characteristics like its expressiveness, most of the case rendered in an uncommon way, regular and irregular shapes considering the building surrounding landscapes. It is also seen to use various ranges of scale like small, large and very large. Here the nature of adaptability comes in front of us. Above it is clear that Contemporary Architecture is the latest form of Modern Architecture so this style is used or still used in every kind of building.

Contemporary Architecture is also compatible with sustainable architecture, shaped architecture or with the grid style design. It is more open to take or combine with other architectural styles. That’s why Contemporary Architecture blended very well with other styles. 

Except the above characteristics of Contemporary Architecture other characteristics like the use of open plan, large type windows and doors, giving preference to the greenery in building and in landscape, use of curve line, uncommon use of volumes, adoption of new building technology, use of round forms, and modern smart lighting technology are also seen to be used. 

For so many adaptability and characteristics, it makes it hard to define Contemporary Architecture but it is also true Contemporary Architecture is one of the most beautiful, smart, and effective architectural styles with unconventional and unique design.   


Md. Asaduzzaman Russel

Junior Instructor

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute.