Is CV Important?  

Is CV Important?

Is CV Important?

Nupur has recently completed her graduation. She has obtained a very good result in her graduate program. Now she is willing to discover herself in a renowned company. So, she started to apply to different organizations. She tried for several months but did not respond from any of the organizations. She became very upset. She was quite disappointed about the matter. She met one of her friends Asad, who is an HR officer of a renowned company. Nupur shared about her disappointment with Asad. He also became upset of it. Then he asked Nupur to email him a copy of her CV. Nupur sent a copy of her updated CV to Asad. He found that the CV was not well decorated and the information in the CV was fragmented. Instantly he called Nupur and told her about the condition of her CV and also told that she was not getting a response from any of the applications because of the CV. Then he showed her the ways to prepare an ideal CV.

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Often people say that when you apply for a job, CV does not matter, but in reality CV matters. When a recruitment process goes on, an employer does not call you physically to apply for the post. Rather you are asked to submit a CV to apply for the position. When you apply, the employer goes through your CV, but not you. Here actually your CV represents you, explains you. The format, color, text, page orientation, decoration of the information and every single actually explains what, how and what you are.

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Now, when your CV represents you, if there has any lacking, it means there is a lacking in yourself as well. In this stage, of course an employer will not recruit a person with lacking. Yes, you may not have any fault and toy are perfect for the position, but a proverb works here in the background, “First impression is the last impression”. It is very true. When an employer goes through your CV, s/he forms an impression about you, may be s/he is wrong, but he doesn’t know about you personally. He knows all about you what you have included in your CV, he knows about the person you portrayed in your CV. Of course the employer will not call you physically to get to know about you. If s/he does not get a positive vive going through your CV, you are no longer perfect for the position.

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In many cases, it is found that a quality candidate does not get a call for the interview where an ordinary person does. CV works there as an influencer. So, if you do not get a call from an interview, do not get depressed and do not lose heart. In this case, you should take a break and should take help from an expert to prepare a complete and ideal CV. As it is an age of online communication, it is very important for you to portrait yourself very well in a CV as you will not visit the employer physically, rather your CV will represent you.

I hope that you now know if a CV is important or not. So, if you think that you have potentials, but are not getting a response from employers, get some time and review your CV. In the ensuing part of this article, we will know about the ways to prepare a standard CV.

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