SEIP-BWCCI-BSDI Women Entrepreneurship Development Project Visit

Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) hosted a visit by the Deputy Secretary of the Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP), Mr. Bhuiya Mohammad Rezaur Rahman Siddique. The visit was part of the SEIP-BWCCI-BSDI project, which is aimed at developing women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Mr. Siddique visited the institute’s IT freelancing and entrepreneurship development lab and the food and beverage production and entrepreneurship development lab. He met with the trainees and discussed the various opportunities available to women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

During his visit, Mr. Siddique was impressed by the quality of the training being provided at BSDI. He said that the institute is playing a vital role in developing the skills and knowledge of women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Mr. Siddique also discussed the various government initiatives that are in place to support women entrepreneurs. He said that the government is committed to creating a more conducive environment for women entrepreneurs to succeed.

The visit was a success and it served as a valuable opportunity for Mr. Siddique to learn more about the SEIP-BWCCI-BSDI project. The project is making a significant contribution to the development of women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, and it is a model for other countries in the region.

This visit is a testament to the commitment of BSDI to providing quality training and support to women entrepreneurs. The institute plays a vital role in helping women to achieve their full potential and to contribute to the economic development of Bangladesh.

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