SEO Competitive Analysis

SEO Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is a few things that each website homeowner ought to be doing, do it haphazardly. Competitive analysis will become your roadmap of what you would like to try and do to boost your website to be nearly as good as your competitors.

It can even be wont to establish the strengths and weaknesses of each of your websites and your competitors’ sites for everything from SEO to look feature wins. Utilizing this data will discover the areas you’re weak that you just can improve upon them, in addition to distinguishing the square measures wherever your competitors are weak, and so make the most of their weaknesses for your website and search performance.

  • Why Competitive Analysis is vital 
  • Who squares measure the particular Competitors?
  • Finding Keyword Gaps
  • Discovering common Pages
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Analyzing On a Page by Page Basis
  • Backlinks: What you would like to understand
  • Analyzing sorts of Content
  • Identifying Search options
  • Researching Featured Snippets
  • What to try and do once Major algorithmic program Updates

Why Competitive Analysis is vital

With competitive analysis, you’ll be taking a step back and looking out at the market space, wherever you stand, who the competitors are?  and what the search landscape feels like for excellent keywords.

Even if you’re already ranking at the highest of the search results for all of your most vital keywords, there’ll all time be another website that’s making an attempt to require over your rankings and capitalizing on your own site’s weaknesses.

Your Roadmap for fulfillment

Competitive analysis will be used as a roadmap for what you would like to try and do to boost your search rankings and therefore the user expertise for the guests to your website. you’ll perpetually discover things concerning what your competitors do that’s superior to your own website, like higher search rankings. you would possibly additionally discover they’re doing higher at specific aspects of the search results, like dominating all the featured snippets or having Associate in Nursing’s vast range of pages that show up in individuals additionally raise.

Even if you’re ranking preferred for what you’re thinking is your most vital keywords, if they dominate in featured snippets, you’re missing out on a substantial quantity of potential traffic.

Page by Page Details

A proper analysis can offer you the chance to seem nearer to what your competitors do on a page-by-page basis. This helps establish any potential gaps your website might need when to put next to your competitors.

Perhaps you’ll discover they need a journal that’s doing well with the way to sort articles that get numerous shares and links, one thing that’s lacking on your website. otherwise, you may discover that one challenger is obtaining tons of traffic through videos they’re making and sharing, whereas your website is lacking in this department.

Who squares measure the particular Competitors?

When gazing at competitive analysis, it’s additionally vital that you just take into account that your biggest challenger could be one you’re thinking of as smaller as a result of their lack of prime rankings on the” cash keywords.” Still, they might be an improvement to the long tail. Or the other way around could also be right.


The same is additionally true once it involves going by your client’s word once it involves World Health Organization their biggest competitors square measure. Again, they usually target the massive cash keywords and don’t notice that there could also be a challenger they take for insignificant, however, that’s dominating segments of their market or the long tail. Unless you’re doing competitive analysis for a neighborhood consumer, perpetually do your analysis into precisely World Health Organization their real competitors’ square measure.

Examine Organic Competitors for Specializations – Not simply General Terms

For example, Home Depot and Lowes we’re ranking preferred and range 2 for an enormous cross-sectional of keywords associated with building supplies and residential repairs except for one additional specialization, which claimed that entirely completely different competitors were ranking at the highest for the searches around explicit subsets of their product.

If you’re not examining specific areas that would be dominated by lesser-known competitors, you may be missing out on a substantial quantity of traffic and conversions.



Things to Consider

When you drill down through the above list of competitors, you can spot the sites that are targeting a particular niche of Home Depot’s overall market area, such as Best Buy, Costco, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Even those wouldn’t necessarily be considered huge competitors for their business as a whole, but they are still impactful for specific segments of their market. 

So whenever doing competitive analysis, it is vital not just to consider those that are competitors to your entire business model, but even those that are only targeting a segment of the overall market too.

Deciding Who Not to Compete With

You want to identify the competitors that may rank above you in the SERPs but are not a true competitors, and Identify sites that might not be as important for you to outrank compared to others. Sometimes it is not worth the time investment when the only site ranking above you is Wikipedia or Pinterest for certain keywords. Instead, look at other keywords that actual competitors are outranking you on that result in lost traffic. 

You also want to ensure that your keyword research is backing up who you believe those competitors are.

Finding Keyword Gaps

Pay special attention to the keywords that you already rank for, but where you are lagging behind your competitors, particularly when you are only a position or two behind your primary competitor for a particular keyword phrase.

For example, if I was Home Depot, I can identify some keyword phrases where I am only one position away from the top spot, such as for “swing sets” and “air compressor” phrases, both of which have a fairly large search volume.




Again, don’t simply investigate your main competitor. Example, whereas Home Depot dominates on several of the search terms that square measure shared by all competitors, it isn’t simply Lowe’s that has attained the amount one rankings, typically it’s Walmart or corporations merchandising similar products.

In the case of “appliance stores,” none of the four rival examples I showed were ranking beloved for that phrase, though they were all within the high ten or twenty. Instead, it had been Sears Outlet that took the highest spot.

You should listen to keywords that each one your competitors square measure ranking for, however you’re not.

  • Why square measure they ranking and not you?
  • Do they need higher supplementary content for those explicit keywords?
  • Do they need Associate in Nursing exceptionally higher range of backlinks to those specific pages that square measure serving to them rank higher?

When you will determine these keyword gaps, you’ll be able to work on closing that gap. What does one ought to do on your web site in order that you’ll be able to have pages targeting those individual keywords? typically it’s a straightforward fix wherever you simply ought to produce content or alter current content for the keywords, and rankings can typically follow.

Discovering in common Pages

Just like you wish to grasp the foremost vital keywords your competitors square measure ranking for, it’s conjointly essential to spot that pages square measure their preferred.

The things to require note of:

  • Which pages rank for the foremost keywords?
  • Which pages have the foremost traffic?
  • Which pages have the very best share of their overall traffic?

Sometimes competitors will have a large quantity of traffic to a particular page or set of pages. as an example, the third preferred page on Home Depot has nothing to try and do with building supplies or construction, however rather a page concerning wallpaper.


Never assume you simply recognize what the foremost fashionable pages on any contestant sites are, analyze it as a part of the competitive analysis method and expect some surprises.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

What area unit the variations in strengths and weaknesses between you and everyone in every one of your competitors? where do they surpass that you are just an area unit weak on?

While usually, folks suppose their website is the most rattling site to exist on the earth and it’s all Google’s fault they’re not ranking higher, website homeowners ought to be able to determine their weaknesses once it involves their site and whole.

Every website can have liability, or multiple weak points, even large eCommerce sites like Amazon or eBay.

If troubled to see wherever the weak areas are together with your website, raise staff what they see, particularly if their front-facing and managing customers UN agency could have voiced complaints. you’ll additionally produce a client survey.

Sometimes you would like to step back and admit what you understand to be your strengths and see if those strengths might even be a gift in your competitors’ sites however they’re simply a touch bit higher.

Identify the weak points of every of your competitors, then confirm what you’ll do to take advantage of these areas.


  • How authoritative is your website compared to your competitors?
  • Do they need several necessary links coming back into the site?
  • Are they from a widely known whole authority?

If your contestant contains a lot of higher authority than your website will, you may have a more durable time beating them once it involves extremely competitive keywords; this is often wherever it’s essential to appear at keyword gaps.

Look at less fashionable terms that also see the tight quantity of search volume, or cross-check longer-tail queries that you just will target specifically however that they’re not targeting. As you build your authority, then you’ll begin being a lot of roaring in targeting a number of these fashionable and competitive keywords.


  • Do they need wonderful quality content?
  • Does their content tend to be agent and less thorough?
  • Do they merely concentrate on product pages and not have any supporting pages?

Look for areas wherever they’re lacking, therefore you’ll gain a plus over them in those areas too.


Look at their product pages for e-commerce sites and drill down precisely what it’s concerning their product pages that are unit higher than what you’re doing.

  • Do they need links to assist guides or support for the product?
  • Do they need countless how-to’s associated with the product?
  • Are they suggesting relevant similar products or products that area units usually bought in conjunction with it?
  • How are they showing their ratings and reviews for the product?
  • How simple is it to buy their product versus yours?

For everything that they’re doing higher than you, add it to the list of things to alter on your website.

Technical problems

Do they need any technical problems on their website that are obstructing their search performance?

If you’re each tormented by constant technical SEO problems or having secret writing problems that makes it more durable for Google to crawl pages effectively, creating those enhancements to your website may result in additional visibility.

Don’t forget to envision page speed in addition. As sites get larger, they can get slowed down by heritage code or giant scripts that can cut down the location.


Visit every competitor’s website from a transportable, and navigate around their a lot of fashionable sections or pages. typically you may spot shortcomings in your competitor’s mobile website that you just will make the most of together with your robust mobile presence.

When you have a technically sound website, it’s easier to concentrate on alternative problems with ranking wins, like rising content.

Internal Linking problems

Internal linking and hierarchy of the location facilitate Google once it involves travel, indexing, and ranking. Website design is a vital facet of SEO, and like technical problems, if a website suffers from an absence of a strong internal linking structure, you’ll make the most of that if your own is solid.

Examine however competitors have structured their website, together with URLs, breadcrumbs and anchor text. If theirs is powerful, and yours is lacking, then it ought to be one in every of the tasks prioritized for fixing.

If they need a complete section or section of the location that’s not adequately coupled internally, think about promoting your similar content to take advantage of these weaknesses.

Lost and Declined Keyword Rankings

You also need to take care to analyze any keywords that your competitors have recently lost, specializing in those with the best search volume initially.

You could additionally cross-check the pages that want to rank for the keywords and see if there’s a reason why they’re not ranking to any extent further — it might be a good variety of problems from a technical crawl issue to a spam issue.

Competitor Lost Rankings

When a contestant has considerably lost rankings for specific keywords, it may be simple to make the most of those losses and switch them into your wins. you’ll realize those losses within the SEMrush Organic analysis tool.


Have a glance at wherever they’re declining within the search rankings. This may give some opportunities for your website to require advantage of, significantly once the challenger hasn’t noticed their losses and aren’t operating to repair no matter what caused the ranking drops within the initial place.

New Keyword Rankings

Looking at new keyword rankings is another vital side of competitive analysis, however it ought to even be done fairly frequently for general SEO functions.

You always need to understand any new pages or new rankings that your competitors square measure earning, therefore this can be a simple thanks to see something new there specializing in. For ecommerce sites, it is an insight into any new product or product sorts that might probably become fashionable that you simply need to understand regarding.



One word that stands out here is “bidet”, a keyword that has seen an enormous surge in quality thanks to toilet tissue shortage.

As I do any researched this explicit new ranking for the term basin, I noticed that this web site isn’t ranking with a product page, however is instead ranking with a “how to use a bidet” guide, that then links through to merchandise.

What precisely is ranking?

It is essential to grasp not simply what keywords a challenger is ranking for, however the page sort that’s hierarchical , as a result of several might have probably created the incorrect assumption that they were ranking for a product page. This could even be useful to understand if you’re adding your own competitory pages; you’d wish to specialize in not simply product pages for basin, however conjointly the way to sort pages moreover.

Analyzing On a Page by Page Basis

Once you have got known specific keywords and search results, then you would like to start out depending on a page by page basis examining your pages to the pages of the competitors that are outranking you.

Comparing pages can assist you establish individual problems on every page that are leading to your competitors ranking beyond you. It’ll conjointly assist you perceive what you ought to be doing higher on those explicit pages.




While Google will rewrite title tags for the search results supported a question , the bulk of the time, it’s merely for things like adding the location named to the title tag or swing stress on the actual keywords being sought for — significantly if Google considers the page relevant for the keywords however the keywords aren’t within the title. Therefore examine each title from the title tag, and therefore the title as Google adjusts it for specific keyword searches.

Do bear in mind that if you’re doing a “site: search” for your challenger, the titles Google shows are extremely inclined. So instead, check that you’re taking the title tag either directly from the page itself or the one that Google is showing for the actual keyword search while not “site:”.

Meta Description Tag

Google might or might not use the outline set within the meta-description tag, however it’s necessary to contemplate what’s within the description tag for analysis purposes; usually this can often be one thing that tends to induce unmarked, significantly on giant sites.

While typically it’ll be useless as a result of it’s a generic description tag, typically the outline are well written, and it’s price noting however your competitors are utilizing theirs versus your web site for the pages in question.

Meta Keywords Tag

I mention this not as a result of Google using the meta-keywords tag for ranking functions, however as a result it will offer insight into the keywords your challenger is targeting for that page or the location overall. typically it’ll be useless as a result of they use a similar set of keywords for each page on the complete web site, however alternative times it may be perceptive if somebody has placed time into the keyword tag for non-Google SEO.

H1s and alternative Headings

We do understand that for SEO functions, Google will offer weight to tags. make sure your web site is victimising real tags and not shaping headers via CSS.

Google also can use these headings for featured piece usage and alternative search options, therefore it’s necessary to check your competitors and see however they’re victimising them and if it’s any impact on their search options.

Breadcrumbs / URL Structure

Utilizing breadcrumbs and a robust URL structure will facilitate Google perceive the hierarchy of content at intervals the location and rank it consequently.

If you guarantee yours is powerful, and with non technical problems, it may be a plus over a challenger that’s lacking in this space. whereas viewing this could be a part of your overall competitive analysis for every web site, it’s conjointly essential to appear at however it relates to specific pages that you just are attempting to induce higher rankings for moreover.

Content & Keywords

  • How are your competitors utilizing their keywords at intervals in their content?
  • Are they victimising some similar keywords you ought to be adding at intervals to your content?
  • What concerning the standard of the content itself?
  • Do your competitors use a higher or lower word count compared to you?
  • Is your readability score terribly completely different from alternative competitors within the market?

These are all things to contemplate once selecting keywords and making content. Below you’ll see the recommendations provided by the SEO Content model. it’ll give connected links to rivals, linguistics keywords to contemplate, readability info and additional.




Backlinks: What you would like to understand

Analyzing backlinks is a crucial part of competitive analysis. Once a challenger includes a considerably higher backlink profile, particularly high-quality backlinks from honorable websites, it’ll mean you’ll have a more durable time competing against them till you’ll be able to build up an identical backlink profile.

It is additionally vital to tell apart between high-quality backlinks versus low-quality backlinks.

Because of the approach, Google modified however they handle low-quality links with the sphenisciformes seabird update, if you see a challenger includes a high range of low-quality links, those links might not be serving them whatever.

If you follow in their footsteps and choose amount over quality with links, you’ll truly hurt your own SEO. As a result if you can’t see what your competitor’s disclaimer file is, be cautious or eager to copy competitors directly once it involves spammier links.

High-Quality Backlinks

You want to target high-quality backlinks, like those from viral news sites, position sites or consultants in your market areas. Once observing competitors’ backlinks, contemplate these questions:

  • Have they received press in major news organizations? If therefore, is there any approach you’ll be able to get yourself into similar stories?
  • Are they a suggested supply on high-profile however uncommercialized sites in your industry?
  • How are you able to get yourself to be a part of those suggested resources?


Nofollow vs. Followed Backlinks — each is often smart

You also wish to envision for Nofollow versus followed links. Whereas Google technically doesn’t use nofollow links for his or her algorithms, so that they won’t essentially facilitate from associate SEO position.

However, they will be a crucial supply of traffic which will devolve on your whole awareness, increase traffic, and lead to conversions. Therefore don’t ignore high-quality links just because they’re nofollow. Whereas the SEO worth might not be there, there are often heaps of non-SEO worth all told of these links.

Backlink Gaps

You want to see vital gaps in your backlinks, particularly links that multiple competitors have from identical pages or websites. If they need to be coupled to several of your competitors, it’s typically straightforward to induce yourself listed moreover.

Don’t forget to envision backlinks to robust internal pages of your competitors too. Several solely contemplate links to the homepage once it involves competitive analysis, however, links to internal pages are often even as vital. A number of their strongest performing arts internal pages might have incoming links that area unit a serious think about those pages ranking well.



Analyzing varieties of Content

How does one collect with completely different forms of content compared to your competitors?

For eCommerce sites, product pages are the first page to check, however additionally look into supporting content every contestant has and the way well they’re ranking compared to you. This includes news content, journal articles, facilitation/support / away to content, videos, images, etc. Check something that might be thought of as content that’s ranking within the search results.

Identify areas wherever you lack compared to competitors.

  • Do they need a frequently printed journal that tends to urge voluminous shares and links?
  • Are they creating videos?
  • Infographics?
  • Popular live streams?
  • Podcasts?

When you establish competitors that are considerably higher for these content varieties, you’ll be able to then explore whether or not you wish to feature these content varieties to your web site in addition, however you are doing need to create certain that they add worth to your website.

If your contestant features a podcast, nonetheless you’ll be able to see it’s solely one or two of downloads, then either your market space doesn’t essentially would like podcasts, or they’re doing a lousy job at it. If you’ll be able to do a immensely superior podcast, then you may discover that you just will fill that niche.

Search options

You also need to stay in mind that generally these varieties of content will play a giant role once it involves search options. If Google is displaying these content varieties within the search results for your prime keywords, then it’d become the next priority to create certain you seem in every of the search options to lock down the maximum amount of the search result land as doable, particularly if your competitors do a similar.

Identifying Search options

Something that several overlook once doing a contestant analysis is the presence or absence of search options in search results.

SERP feature knowledge for from the SEMrush Organic analysis tool


While ranking third within the search results could be a good result for a few searches, it’d not be if the search results heavily dominated with search options, like videos, folks additionally raise, and images. You’ll ought to budget additional into those keywords to rank preferred whereas additionally invest within the kind of content that shows in options.

An Opportunity for Ranking

You will usually realize in these varieties of search results that there’s potential to require over a major portion of the search results by adding video they might rank on the page, or craft content that might seem in folks additionally raise. See what the options there are, and note wherever you and your competitors seem.

For example, during this search result, you’ll be able to see the substantial dominance a foothold one ranking would have over even the second result, due to the “People additionally Ask” feature. If I were #2 or on the far side, i’d increase the goal to figure out each obtaining the highest result in addition as shown in “People additionally Ask”.



For this sort of search results with multiple search options, there’s a bigger importance thereon initial position. The second result isn’t that nice once folks additionally raise it seems higher than it, and therefore the third result isn’t even seen higher than the fold on desktop.

Choosing a Featured to concentrate on

If I decide that the foremost necessary search feature for my website is featured snippets, then I’d look into every one of my competitors and establish their featured snippets. Then, look into the universal resource locator the snip links to and see if I even have a comparable universal resource locator that I feel would be a decent appropriate taking on the featured snip.

How will every page be tweaked therefore Google would choose it as a featured snippet?

Here is knowledge observing Home Depot’s featured snippets sorted by keyword volume.


Looking at the higher than list, some things stand out. Whereas Home Depot features a ton of featured snippets, they’re missing out on the bulk of the opposite search options apart from some “People additionally raise.”

So if I used to be Home Depot’s contestant, I’d look heavily at making an attempt to urge a number of those search options that Home Depot is missing out on, whereas additionally making an attempt to beat them within the 10 blue links.

Comparing Lowe’s to Home Depot, whereas Lowe’s has abundant fewer featured snippets, they seem in more video carousels than Home Depot will. Therefore, every one of your competitors could have a handle on a unique part of the Google search results, and it’s necessary to notice every for an intensive analysis.

Going on the far side Keywords — Providing Solutions

It is worth noting that once you do competitive analysis, you do not need to solely look into the “buy” or product keywords, as an example, Home Depot has_many “how-to” keywords ranking with a major search volume.

The search results for “how to disengage a sink” features a conspicuously featured snip for Home Depot that might provoke click-throughs.It ends up in a facilitated page with links to merchandise employed in the video or within the stepwise, which might generate revenue.

Schema Tips

While some search options are extracted from content on the page, alternative search options use schema. For search options that are schema-based, it usually is sensible to feature the acceptable schema to a page if you’re changing it, although Google doesn’t presently support it as a full of life search feature in their search results.

Once Google truly activates a research feature that uses that exact schema, you’ll be sooner than the sport, and your web site is one in all the primary in your trade to own it. Likewise, you would like to stay an eye fixed on your competitor’s necessary pages to ascertain if they’re doing a similar by implementing schema before Google formally uses it.

Researching Featured Snippets

Featured snippets will generally be abundant and easier to require over from a contestant compared to variety one rankings. Google desires to make sure that featured snippets are correct, concise, and provides the searcher what they’re trying to find.

So as you look into competitor’s featured snippets, see however you’ll be able to modify your content for pages that are ranking within the same SERP, to require over the featured snip.

Using Home Depot as an Associate in Nursing example, you’ll be able to see they need been principally increasing the quantity of featured snippets monthly, therefore chances are high that pretty high they’re actively optimizing for it.



However, observing Lowe’s, it shows they have been losing several of theirs, therefore probably a number of those snippets would be simple to require over from them.


What to try and do when Major algorithmic rule Updates

Whenever there’s a significant Google algorithmic rule update, it’s important that you just return and value your most significant keywords.

  • Did you keep your rankings?
  • Did one in all your competitors take-off of obscurity and are suddenly ranking at the highest for your keywords?
  • Did another contestant utterly drop out of the area, and you’ll be able to take advantage of that?

Competitive analysis can ne’er be complete; it ought to ne’er be one and done.

While doing Associate in Nursing in-depth analysis, take the time to research each side of all sites in your market area; don’t forget that it’s a seamless method. As things change with algo updates, website migrations, new pages and new search options being discharged, it’s essential to come back and see what has been modified since the last deep dive.

And generally, it’s not even that your competitors have suddenly modified things to create them rank higher once the Associate in Nursing algorithmic rule update comes. It might be one thing that they were doing higher right along, however, Google slightly tweaked one thing to reward that.

With competitive analysis, you hopefully might establish no matter it’s that your competitors do higher earlier, then build the changes before the Associate in Nursing algorithmic rule update happens.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the scale of your website and therefore the range of active competitors, you’ll need to rerun a contestant analysis every six months to at least one-year elements of it you ought to perform monthly to stay competitive. Keep an eye fixed on changes competitors are creating therefore you’ll be able to react to their methods quickly.

Whether it’s anticipating new pages, new keywords, or an increase in search options like featured snippets, a competitive analysis can ne’er technically be complete. As sites evolve and as search results evolve, keeping an eye fixed on your competitors with competitive analysis suggests that you’ll recognize what they are doing higher and hopefully keep one step sooner than them and hope they aren’t doing a similar thorough competitive analysis on you too.



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