Relations between Architecture and Civil Engineering

Relations between Architecture and Civil Engineering

It is very important to ensure the safety and quality of a construction project and we all know that a construction is the result of perfect mix of architecture and civil engineering. These professions have some similarities as well as some different priorities and perspectives also.

Architecture mainly focus on the specialization of the project design and to develop new idea of infrastructure. Feelings and creativity is the main component most of the time. On the other hand civil engineering focuses on the structural materials, elements and strength what is needed to make a design into building. So we surely understand that these two professions have some deep roots together.

Design process and the quality of work: Architects design the space with their creativity using the design elements, considering facilities and ventilations. Civil engineers supports the architects by implementing the architectural plans with features, develop and supervise the construction and overall implementation of the architectural design.

Construction project design and building: Architects do design the whole construction project whereas the civil engineers ensure the foundations, load calculation, drainage system, utilities and grading.

Blended safety measurement: Both architects and civil engineers do their job on the priority of safety measurement. Architects work on appealing the structure with safety concern and the civil engineers also ensure the safety measurement with proper materials and work procedures.

Combined leadership: Though both architects and civil engineers work together on a construction project design and building, design sector lead by the architects and the construction development sectors lead by the civil engineers.

Architecture and civil engineering are pretty much involve to successfully complete a construction project throughout the process of design and development. They both rely each other and support for the successful completion of a project. One cannot do a project properly without one another contribution.



Md. Asaduzzaman Russel

Architecture and Interior Design Technology

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute


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