• Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic Internet browsing Knowledge

Objective of this Training:

  • Learn the fundamentals of network theory and the TCP/IP Protocol Stack.
  • Learn data networking fundamentals and network device functionality (includes configuring the network devices on LANs).
  • Learn all of the most important aspects of the Internetwork Operating System.
  • Learn to interpret IOS displays. • Learn how to implement, configure, and generally operate a Cisco switch.
  • Learn all of the central network engineering disciplines, including network security, design and troubleshooting.

Training Overview & Outline

Lesson: 01 (Networking fundamentals)
Lesson: 02 (Ethernet LANs and switches)
Lesson: 03 (IPv4 addressing and subnetting)
Lesson: 04 (Operating Cisco routers, Switches and IOS)
Lesson: 05 (ACLs and NAT)
Lesson: 06 (On-page Optimization)
Lesson: 07 (IPv6 fundamentals, implementation, and troubleshooting)
Lesson: 08 (Switching & Spanning Tree Protocol)
Lesson: 09 (VLAN & VTP)
Lesson: 10 (Routing (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF etc.)
Lesson: 11 (VPNs)
Lesson: 12 (OSPF and EIGRP configuration and troubleshooting)
Lesson: 13 (Wide area networks and Frame Relay)
Lesson: 14 (Network Security)
Lesson: 15 (Cisco Wireless Technology)
Lesson: 16 (Network management)
Lesson: 17 (Network Design)
Lesson: 18 (Network Troubleshooting)