Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Daffodil Education Network

Admission open for Diploma in Hotel Management with Internship. Also in short course: F&B Production, F&B Service, House Keeping, Front Office with Internship. Please call for details : 01713493243, 01713493246.

Diploma in Hotel Management


PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: This is a substantive management program, typically delivered over a 12 months & 3 months (Internship) period in the case of full-time students. CTH Level 4 courses combine practical career-based elements with a number of essential underpinning management disciplines that will be invaluable as the individual’s career progresses. The course is, therefore, an ideal preparation for immediate employment in the sector.

Alternatively, students may use it as a pathway to advanced study, typically progressing on to the CTH Level 5 Diploma. Since the Level 4 Diploma is designed to be broadly equivalent to that of the first year of a bachelor’s degree, students may use the qualification to apply for credit entry to a number of bachelor degree programs at selected universities worldwide.

This management program comprises 7 mandatory units totaling 145 credits. Minimum guided learning hours are 835 and assessment is a combination of the closed book written 2.5-hour examination or assignment/work assessment.

Students can achieve the guided learning hours in the combination of face to face classroom interactions, attending seminars, visits to hotels, self-study and group study as well as research work.