Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Daffodil Education Network

Admission open for Diploma in Hotel Management with Internship. Also in short course: F&B Production, F&B Service, House Keeping, Front Office with Internship. Please call for details : 01713493243, 01713493246.

Workshop & Seminar

Workshop and seminar is very much important for life planning and career development. BSDI has been arranging different workshop and seminar for the development of the students of BSDI in regular basis which are totally free of cost for students. Different successful person from different fields of Business and Job and creative motivator conduct the session. They talked with the students of BSDI about different important terms of life and success. BSDI is focusing on career and life development of students by the workshop and seminar. By the participation of the workshop, students can learn about their education, destination, and career and prepare the road map of them by planning of the basis of their learning from the session. Workshop can make a student creative and real life dreamer.

  • Diploma in Dental

    PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: Dental technology is the more vital technology in the real medical technology field. As per the requirement of Bangladesh need
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  • Diploma in Pathology

    PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: Laboratory Science is the field where the challenges of medicine meet the complexities of science. Medical laboratory professionals can
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  • Diploma in Pharmacy

    PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: After completing SSC, students can directly join pharmacy where it can be a professional career. A diploma in pharmacy
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