Monday, January 21, 2019
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Daffodil Education Network

Admission open for Diploma in Hotel Management with Internship. Also in short course: F&B Production, F&B Service, House Keeping, Front Office with Internship. Please call for details : 01713493243, 01713493246.

Teach in BSDI


Let’s imagine about a vacation with a delightful refreshment and contribution to the society for developing a clear world, which facilitated you to take tour to other countries. Actually it will be the anticipated vacation that you are demanding or searching. If you get an opportunity to teach during the time of vacation to most of the world’s countries, isn’t it an enhanced prospect for you? If you are skilled, experienced and creative, millions of people are awaiting to hear and learn from you. Teaching in abroad can be a blooding and rewarding way to cover your vocation with enjoyment.

In many places, access to knowledge or educators is very limited. Children and knowledge seekers developing counties rely on the kindness of volunteers who visit around the world and give the knowledge to people to be a knowledgeable one. You are the right person who can change the life of those countries people, if you are a contributor or aware to share your knowledge to who are far away from it you can make a great impact of your knowledge to them.


World is giving us a lots of thing. But, can we think, what is our contribution to world? What is our liability to world? What can we do for world? And many more questions can be raised. We all have the rights, responsibility to contribute for global interest. The maximum people of world are getting out from real knowledge; we can contribute to them to be successful, by sharing our earned knowledge.

Why this initiative?

High quality education is needed for better standard of the world. We are working for creating opportunity for the young people who keeps the dream to be successful, to be a contributor for a peaceful world. We believe there are lots of people who are having a want to contribute, but they don’t get the opportunity, we want and make them sure that, we give the opportunity. Through this opportunity you can get a greater capability to participate in the global community.

Why consider BSDI

BSDI is a leading vocational institute under Daffodil Education Network. BSDI is providing quality education for the students. BSDI gets the students and produced them as an employee and Entrepreneur. BSDI is the only one completely IT supported educational institute in Bangladesh. All activities of education and administration are being done by the help of IT. BSDI have qualified teachers and students who are working for the better education. We ensure your working experience with BSDI will be a memorable and expected service time in your life.

Teach in BSDI:

Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) has been working since 2002 as the leading Education, Training and Human Resources management consulting organization in Bangladesh. The main objective of this organization is to develop the human resources of our country so that they can make them fit for the competitive job market and to grow their professionalism. BSDI is an approved by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Ministry of Education for providing different types of IT, Business and Professional development training courses and already has achieved the trust and reputation for the quality, standard and success of its students/participants. Since 2003 BSDI has successfully assisted hundreds of corporate and government organizations in Bangladesh to develop high performance work culture, leaders, executives and staff through its integrated and effective human resources management consulting and customized learning solutions. The clientele includes Corporate Organizations from Banking and Financial, Telecom, Local Groups, Housing and Land Development companies, NGO.

You are welcome to visit Bangladesh which is a historical place, have a number of lucrative places. You’ll be experienced with the culture in a way, which cannot be done as a tourist.

Benefits of Teaching in BSDI:

You can gather new skills for the next meeting of new challenges. You can learn about Bangladesh with the work of BSDI.

Field of Teaching

Diploma in Textile Engineering

Diploma in Garments and Pattern making

Diploma in Health Technology

Diploma in Computer Technology

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Diploma in Textile Engineering

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Professional Short Courses


For the programs (3-4Months), volunteers must be at least 25 years of age and fluent in English. For the year-long programs, volunteers must have a bachelor's degree and be a native English speaker. Priority is given for Experienced Faculty staffs.

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching


Cost in US$:

-Depends on the program and its duration, which will be fixed upon mutual discussion. (Honorarium in USD)

Cost Includes:

             Travel Cost

             Emergency evacuation services




             In-country orientation/Training

             In-country staff support

             Living stipend

             Medical insurance

             Written materials abroad

             Written materials pre-departure


             Food Cost

             Accommodation Cost

             Monthly Honorarium

             Travel Cost if it is required by the Institution.

No hidden cost will be imposed by the authority.

Fees Include:

Here in BSDI, the volunteers themselves cover most of the expenses. For an example, the volunteer teacher bears placement, travel & training cost. We support the volunteer teacher with all emergency supports, like, finding accommodation, pre-departure preparation, in-training, support, and support for safety & security which is required for their stay in Bangladesh.

Application Process Involves

             A written Application

             No objection certificate

             National ID No

             In-Person Interview when Feasible

             Physical Exam/Health Records



             Scan Copy of Passport & NI Card

Typically the Application Process Time is-

2-3 weeks

Living Arrangements:






Program Duration

5-8 weeks, 3-4 months, and 7-12 months

Students Level:

             A-Level Standard (For Diploma Engineering Students)


inquire for specific dates


* Fluent in English & Strong Communication & Speech Delivery skills

* Comfortable working in cross-cultural environments

* Independent worker

* Good people skills and organizational skills

* Flexibility and creativity in problem solving

* Teaching experience, volunteer experience

* Interest in international education and development


If you wish to spend your working vacation in a truly effective way, contributing in the thrust field of learning, please contact us in the following address:

Amena Hasan Ana

Special Assistant to Chairman (Business Development)


Cell: 01713493264

Phone: +88-02-9138234-5, 9116774, 9136694

Fax: +88-02-9102417